Schmiedel Tires …always one track ahead.

The hot tip for cool calculators:

The alternative for your car, used tires from Schmiedel Tires. A good alternative to new tires are used ones with reduced prices. We have used tires for all kinds of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, lorries, light-weighted lorries and others – we offer you

  • tested quality of the tires on
  • highest security standards with
  • an excellent relationship between performance and price

If you need something bigger:

Tires for lorries and light-weighted lorries from Schmiedel Tires. We offer you tires for all kinds of lorries and special vehicles.

If you want something special:

Special sizes of tires from Schmiedel Tires for oldtimers and similar exclusive vehicles.

Two right ones are enough:

Tires for motorbikes from Schmiedel Tires. Bikers know the right way. It doesn´t matter if you ride a streetmachine, an enduro, a scooter or another motorbike, we have the tires for your bike that fits. We offer you a great variety of all sizes from several manufactures with fair prices that you will like.

Design and function two parts which should belong together:

Rims made of steel and aluminium from Schmiedel Tires. Which rim do you need for your car or lorry? About what things do you need to take care before buying rims? We give you the answers of this questions! Call us: 0049 208 43 40 18

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