Only service counts:

Services around your car by Schmiedel Tires

Our service-program contains a lot of checks concerning the security and daily routine of your car. From

  • changing the oil of your engine to
  • adjusting the wheel base electronically
  • testing the lighting system, brakes, shockabsorbers and more

Our special service offers for your tires:

  • repair of damaged tires with professional vulcanization (after checking the damage)
  • mounting of tires with hightec equipment for car rims up to a size of 23 inch
  • electronic calibration of tires
  • professional storage of tires for customers (the prices per tire and saison are including insurance and declaration).

Visit us with your vehicle.We check it and tell you what we can do for you.

The photo shows our assembly room.

Things you need and which make sense – Accessories from Schmiedel Tires: In our shop for accessories we present you a lot of things around your car.

Fitness for your vehicle – Maintenance and preservatives from Schmiedel Tires: From car polishing, cleaning agents for rims, multiple motoroils for  car and lorry engines up to anti-freezing agents we have a great palette of things which helps your vehicle to live longer. We inform you about  these things and how to use it.

Some accessories in our shop.

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