The right track for more than 45 years:

Schmiedel Tires – the profile of experience

In 1954 startet Werner Schmiedel his career in a company which traded with tires. He learned how to vulcanize tires as a job and worked more than 23 years in a great im- and export company, not only in Germany in other countries too. His job gave him the know how, practice and made him competent for starting his own business. In 1981 he opened his own company in Mülheim near Düsseldorf in Germany. Some years later he changed the location of his company in Mülheim and moved to another area in the town to get a bigger place for expanding his business. Since that time he became for a bigger regional area in the middle of Germany a well known dealer for all kinds of tires. 1985 his son Ingo Schmiedel startet to work in the company and now he is the second generation, who is responsible for the success of the business. The concept of trading with used tires and especially the export of them around the world with fair prices and a good service will be in future, like in the past, an expanding market in the opinion of the two leaders of Schmiedel Tires.

Ingo and Werner Schmiedel

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